My first New Year’s Eve in Fermo…no multi-course dinner, no party dresses, nothing fancy…just a really great night.

It started with aperitivo at Bar Primavera, which I understand is somewhat of a tradition. It’s a great place and way to see loads of people and exchange New Year wishes. After a few hours everyone departs to start their personal celebrations.

Our celebration started with dinner at Giuliano’s. Finally, after talking about it for 3.5 years, he made for us his “famous” seafood paella. Giuliano's famous paellaDelicious.

From there we walked up to the piazza where the commune had organized a thoroughly Fermo-style New Year’s Eve party featuring a Fermo born, relatively famous, stand-up comic and a local, relatively well known, band. The comedian, took the money and ran…he did a pre-midnight 10minute routine, talking about how cold it was and possibly freezing to death, and then disappeared. He was supposed to come back at some point and orchestrate some kind of raffle but, despite the band calling out for him a number of times, was never seen or heard again…I guess he figured he was too famous for such a small-time gig…But the band was brilliant, playing non-stop from midnight to 3:30am.

For most Italians it was cold…many were wearing what some¬†fashionable Canadians might not even wear in -20C weather. True, it wasn’t warm like last year, when I was freezing my butt in Montreal and John was partying in the piazza, but it wasn’t COLD. In any case, dancing like madmen and drinking bubbly and warm whiskey certainly helped keep the temperature up.

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The perfect ending to great night was connecting via Skype with my sister and a number of friends who were in the process of starting their New Year celebrations in Montreal.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.



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One Response to Capodanno

  1. Rita Di Girolami says:

    Hi, Tiziana, Happy to get news from you. Looked like a fun New Year’s Eve. You probably already know my Dad passed away on December 30th so we had a very different New Years Eve. Last year we actually were all at a party in a hall ( with Dad too) having a blast. My how one year could make a difference. Dad passed away quietly, was in the hospital ( first time ever) for 1 and 1/2 weeks so it went well enough. He was ready to go. Want to wish you and John a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015. Keep up your blog, always interesting. Take care.



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