Dec 26th – it’s not Boxing Day here

According to the Oxford dictionary, the earliest use of the term “Boxing Day” was in England in the 1830s to define ‘the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which postmen, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box’.

But to most Canadians Boxing Day is the year’s most frenzied shopping day. All the shops are open and everyone is either out returning/exchanging their Christmas gifts or out looking for mega-Boxing Day sales.

Here, Dec 26th is Santo Stefano (the feast of St.Stephens) and it is definitely NOT a shopping holiday.
Shops may be open until 8PM on Christmas Eve, which is great for last minute Christmas shopping, but if you’ve forgotten something or run out of essentials during the next 2 days you’re out-of-luck. Because, as we found out this year, when we needed essentials to finish preparing for our Dec26th dinner party, all the shops are closed on Santo Stefano. Luckily our neighbors are better stocked than many small shops and most of what we were missing we were able to pick up there. Now we know for next year…there’s no shopping on Dec 26th so if you’re going to party, better buy everything you need before Christmas…


PS: some pix of the party…too bad I can’t add the videos with the mad Italians doing karaoke…it was brutal!

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4 Responses to Dec 26th – it’s not Boxing Day here

  1. Yves Cousineau says:

    Bonjour à vous,
    J’espère que finalement vous avez un superbe temps des fêtes. Aujourd’hui le 3 jan, ici au Québec c’est le repos avant le retour au travail lundi le 5 janvier 2015 (pas pour moi, je suis retraité 🙂 Pour nous, étant donné que le père de Rita est décédé le 30 déc., nous ne nous sommes pas permis de fêter par la suite. En passant, ici au Québec c’est rendu que le boxing day commence avant Noel et ne me demande pas quand ça fini ?
    Nous vous souhaitons une bonne année remplie de tout ce que vous désirez. Beaucoup de clients pour a) ta vente de vin, b) pour votre B&B, c) pour John des engagements musical, etc…..
    Encore une fois, quel expérience vous vivez. Nous pensons à vous et je suis un peu jaloux. J’aurais bien aimé avec le «gots» nécessaire pour faire ça. Mes félicitations et soyeux heureux. A+

    • tizianau says:

      Merci Yves.
      Même si l’année n’a pas commencée très bien je vous souhaits une année pleines de santé et de bonheur. Et, vous êtes toujours le bienvenues chez nous…

  2. Eva Louie says:

    Happy Holidays Tiziana,
    Not all countries have the same customs. This year Canada took on the idea of Black Friday but I did all my shopping online before the day, so I did not participate. According to the news media, there are cons and pros to taking that custom both for the customer and for the retail industry. II think Italy has the right idea of taking things easy, but planning for is important. My holiday season was spent with friends and some family. Sisters are coming to visit in the New Year.
    Best wishes for 2015 for you and John!

  3. tizianau says:

    Thanks Eva. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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