The Walking Singers

It’s that time of the year again…there may not be any snow on the ground but the air does feel like Christmas. But, the real telltale sign it that the Walking Singers are back…bigger and better than last year.

For those who don’t know, the Walking Singers group was founded last year by Tiziana (me). The scope was to bring the tradition of Christmas Caroling to Fermo. The group made up of all Italians, except for John and me, quickly mastered some of the best-loved Christmas songs and over the Christmas period played 3 events, with the grand finale being on Christmas Eve in the piazza.

There was talk of turning the group into a full-time choir but in the end it was deemed best to keep our performances only for Christmas.

And so, the Walking Singers are back. With new members, some past spectators who no longer wanted to just stand-by and watch and an Australian Inter-culture student,who has her own Aussie version of some of the songs, the group’s influence has grown and is spreading.

Last Sunday was our first performance at an event showcasing the art of Raku ceramic-making held by the students from the local Art Institute. Technically it was just a practice run for the upcoming main event, and even though we had not done much practicing to date, we were, by my standards “not bad”.

Last night was our second event, in front of Bar Primavera. We were short a few people but the performance was “improved” and, with the vin brulé flowing, great fun.


Not sure yet if we’ll get in another performance before the big one…there’s talk about taking the show to Porto San Giorgio, maybe outside Enrico VIII or in the main square in the town center. There’s also talk of continuing to perform throughout the Christmas Holidays, which here ends Jan 6th….we’ll see. I think everyone’s caught the holiday bug and would like to keep it going as long as possible.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!!


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