Beauty? What is beauty anymore?

The Miss Plastic Surgery 2014 “beauty” contest will be held on Thursday, August 21st, in Monselice, a town in the Veneto region. I am not kidding…I read it in the Aug 15th edition of the Corriere Adriatico (one of the local papers). 

It will take place at the GrandHotel Bluedream where, at poolside, 10 plastic surgeons will select the “best reconstructed” contestant. It seems that there is a new generation of women (and possibly men, although for now, the competition is only open to women) that are proud to show off their “reconstructions”. There is no age limits and participation is free.

Any woman over 18 who has undergone at least 1 cosmetic procedure may participate . A candidate who has undergone more than 1 cosmetic surgery may request to be judged by the intervention deemed most successful, or may request to be judged in the category of  “Miss MiSonoRifattaTanteVolte.” (“I have been rebuilt many times” is the best translation I can offer).

The categories are vast and include Miss Silicone, Miss Surgically Enlarged, Miss General Face Lifting, Miss Botox, Miss Blepharoplasty, Miss Otoplasty, Miss Rhinoplasty, Miss Plastic Lipofilling, Miss Breast Augmentation, Miss Chemical Peeling, Miss vaginoplasty (not sure how they judge this one)…and if the category does not exist one can ask that it be added…

The rationale for the contest is “because it is increasingly difficult to separate the world of beauty and that of surgery” (I’m quoting from the article). Why not???

….and it will be televised on RAI TV….just to add more trash to already trashy Italian TV…



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3 Responses to Beauty? What is beauty anymore?

  1. Rita Di Girolami says:

    Too funny!!



  2. Yves Cousineau says:

    Well ! I’m still waiting for the winner’s pictures 🙂

  3. tizianau says:

    Ah! You are! Well the results are not very exciting…a 40year old Romanian woman won. All she had done was a “boob” job. I didn’t find any proper explanation as to how/why she won nor were there any exciting pictures.

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