Sunday morning

July 13, 2014

It’s 11:00, still at the kitchen counter having a coffee. The doorbell rings. Who could it be? The only people who ring the front doorbell are our German neighbors and they’re in Germany until the end of the month. Better get up and go see….it’s a couple, dressed in their Sunday best and holding a pamphlet in their hands…I’ve seen this before….oh no! They’re Jehovah Witnesses. At least I can play the “sorry, I don’t speak Italian” card. They look disappointed, they’re sorry they don’t have anything in English to give me…That’s ok, I’m not interested, I tell them in English and close the door. Hopefully they don’t come back next week with English literature.

Back at the kitchen counter, writing this, I’m thinking “what the heck are they doing out here on this country road and where do they come from” and then it hits me….of course, they came from the spaceship that’s stationed in Capodarco, not too far from here.the spaceship

That means that there are many more couples dressed in their Sunday best lurking about, always ready to hand out a pamphlet. -Tiziana

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