Celebrating Canada Day

July 1, 2014

Other than me, there are no Canadians here. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating Canada Day.

I couldn’t remember all the words to the anthem and John kept messing with the opening line but he made up for it by learning and singing Neil Young’s Four Strong Winds, which almost made me cry.

I couldn’t find any Canadian flags so I printed, cut up and pasted little flags onto the table cloth. And, our American neighbour, who has a maple tree on her lot brought us maple leaves for us to pin on our chests.

Like at any great Canada Day party there was loads of foods and beer (and, of course, wine for the Italians). We also had a lovely flag cake (made by a German) and a super ugly one but with maple syrup (made by me)…

For next year everyone wants the words to O’Canada so they can all help me sing it…






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2 Responses to Celebrating Canada Day

  1. Rita Di Girolami says:

    Here you go darling……all set for next year.

    Take care,



    • tizianau says:

      Thanks to all who have kindly sent me the lyrics to the anthem. I will learn them for next year. Maybe, at that time, there will be a few other Canadians here to help me celebrate.
      PS: I just learned that there is a Canadian living in Petritoli (a nearby town) whom I should be meeting at the end of the month at an International dinner event.

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