It could have been a disaster

Last week was almost a right-off. We spent 3 days trying to protect the house and the rest of the week trying to regroup and re-prioritize what’s left to be done.

Up until last Monday, we had almost summer-like weather. Everyday we marveled at being able to work outdoors in short sleeves in November…ah, this IS ITALY…so we thought…and then on Monday it was payback time. We went from “summer” straight into “winter”. OK no snow but so much rain and winds that would blow away anything not nailed down.

Until Monday the house was still window and door-less so when we arrived in the morning we were devastated to see most of the plastic sheeting we had put up to block off the openings almost all blown away. And, what was left mostly in tatters.

Our worry was water getting in and getting under the subfloor. If that happened we would have to take it all up…

Luckily the rain had just started and not too much water had gotten in and the installers were coming in to put in the doors/windows.

Most of the windows were put in on Monday and a few more on Wednesday. They’re not all in and they won’t all be ready before Christmas but the installers offered to put in temporary glass panels until the rest of the fixtures are ready to be installed…not a bad compromise.

Even with the windows in we still had a water problem. The rain wouldn’t let up. It rained for 3 days non-stop. Because the external walls need work – bricks replaced and pointed – we started getting water coming through the walls. We were able to put up some new plastic sheeting around the most critical parts of the house on Monday and Tuesday but it wasn’t until Thursday, when the rain finally stopped that we were able to put up the rest of the protective wrapping.

The house now feels like a tent and John started calling it the condominium because it’s wrapped up in a “condom”. It might look weird but it is fully protected!!

Here’s a photo of part of the front of the house. I didn’t take any of the rest of the house but you can imagine what it might look like!

all wrapped upIn the end we were very lucky…no real damage…no disasters…just a few days with not much progress.



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